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Written: 1-Mar-2008 | | Filed under: Online Marketing

We get a lot of inquires about URLs on the various SEO forums where I hang out. When and how to include keywords in the URL, mostly. Things like how to rewrite dynamic URLs generated by ecommerce software to get rid of the dynamic variables and substitute keywords in their place (usually not necessary, by the way).

One of the points we try to make is that it’s probably more important to have a domain name that’s memorable, easy to type and easy to spell — in short, one that’s brandable — rather than trying to stuff the domain with keywords.

Now, I recently came across a blog that drives home the point.

At Good URL Bad URL, Aaron Goldman collects examples of good and bad URLs.

What makes a good URL? Here are just a few of his tips:

  • Avoid hyphens. Instead, capitalize the first letter of each word, or display each word in a different color to set them apart.
  • Use for your main website, and for advertising through an integrated media campaign (radio, TV, print, etc.).
  • Don’t use all lower case or all upper case, acronyms, abbreviations or numbers (unless your brand is well known that way).
  • If you’re putting your URL on a billboard, make it large enough to read.
  • Use subdomains instead of slashes (folders) to drive visitors to specific advertising landing pages.

Read the blog to see more, as well as wonderful examples that illustrate the best and worst of domain names.

Whether you agree or disagree with his tips, the good and bad URLs he’s collected are certainly entertaining. Might be a bit embarrassing if you’re doing one of the things he highlights as a “bad” URL, but better to find out now — and, if possible, correct it — than to never know, eh?

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