Little Things Can Mean A Lot

Written: 1-Jul-2011 | | Filed under: Conversions & Sales,Website Design

In case you were wondering whether (seemingly) small changes are worth the effort, here’s a quick story that just might convince you.

One website I work with has historically done very well. The site posts impressive sales conversion rates (averaging over 5%) with a below-average shopping cart abandonment rate. But there’s always room for improvement, right?

Right! So I took a look at checkout to see if there was anything we could do to make the process better.

The design and layout of the shopping cart and checkout screens is already pretty lean and clean. It’s only a two step process and we’re upfront about the shipping charges (which are reasonable). Frankly, it was pretty hard to come up with anything significant we could change.

One thing I noticed, though… the “checkout” button was located on a different line from the “continue shopping” and “recalculate cart” buttons. Since it was down lower, I speculated it might be “below the fold” for people on devices with shallower monitors (like my own brand new laptop — the screen is wider than my old monitor, but not as tall).

So a few weeks ago I moved the button up onto the same line as the other buttons. The result?

This month we saw a 20% increase in the number of people who proceed from the shopping cart to the checkout screen! In fact, this month we posted the highest percentage of people proceeding from the shopping cart to checkout ever. And in terms of sales dollars, this was also the best June our online store has ever had.

Consider that the next time you’re tempted to think a contemplated improvement is too insignificant to possibly make any real difference.

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