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Written: 4-Oct-2012 | | Filed under: Industry Buzz

There’s a great thread going on over at Webmaster World: Next Generation SEO. Various SEOs are discussing what they see as the future of search optimization in the wake of Google Penguin, Panda and Exact Match Domain updates.

What I find most interesting (and gratifying) is that the consensus seems to be heading toward what I (and some others in the industry) have been saying for years.

That is: focus less on the technical aspects of SEO, and focus more on providing a good user experience. Use your web analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t. Concentrate on conversions and sales, not rankings. Make your site (and your products/services) stand out from the competition. Seek out links for their ability to bring you real, warm visitors, not just for “link juice.”

SEO is marketing. It’s about branding and differentiation and creativity and style. It doesn’t have to be heavy-handed. It’s not about slavishly following a checklist. In fact, it works a lot better if it isn’t in-your-face or paint-by-numbers.

Really interesting discussion! I recommend you read the original. You’ll find a lot of good advice there.

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