Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Written: 9-Mar-2016 | | Filed under: Conversions & Sales

Just had to share. I’ve blurred out the sender name because it’s not my intention to shame anyone specifically. This is an issue all business owners should keep in mind if you’re sending emails to your customers. Earlier today, I received an email from a company that says they can help me increase my conversion rate. This is what it looked like in Outlook on my desktop:


Now, I know we’re supposed to be all about mobile these days, and perhaps this email would have displayed just fine on my phone… but we’re in the B2B space, and it’s a good bet a significant portion of the recipients were like me, reading the email on regular ol’ computer (desktop or laptop).

Even worse, I couldn’t locate any kind of link to let me view in a browser in case the email didn’t come through correctly. (Not that this is a great solution, but at least it would have let me see what was in the images if I had been interested. Honestly, though, there are very, very few newsletters that interest me to that degree.)

Even if you’ve written off the desktop Outlook users and are only targeting mobile email (assuming your message displays correctly — or at least readably — on all mobile email platforms) enclosing all the information at the top of the email in images is just bad form. It’s terrible for accessibility and — as you can see — can easily lead to a pretty awful user experience in general.

I’m sure it looked just great to whoever sent it. I can’t imagine that somebody tested this, saw what I saw and said to themselves, “That’s close enough! Let’s run with it!” And to be fair, there was some text down below the fold. Waaay below the fold.

No matter what, this is just no way to encourage maximum conversions from your email. I wonder what this company would have advised a client who was thinking of sending out this kind of email?

For the record, I didn’t click through.

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