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Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Written: 9-Mar-2016 |

Read on to learn more about an email marketing message that went a bit awry.

Real Expert or Confidently Ignorant?

Written: 17-Feb-2014 |

A problem for any company trying to hire an SEO: hiring someone incompetent can have serious consequences for your website and your business. Sadly, many people interpret confidence as a sign of competence. But all too often, the individual is self-confident only because they are ignorant of just how incompetent they are.

The Importance of Proofreading

Written: 15-Nov-2011 |

You may think a few typos here and there don’t matter all that much in the overall scheme of things. You might be wrong.

Little Things Can Mean A Lot

Written: 1-Jul-2011 |

Making a seemingly minor change to your shopping cart can improve your conversions and sales much more than you might imagine. Here’s a true-life story showing how one tiny change made a huge difference.

Required Registration: A Conversion Killer?

Written: 29-Sep-2008 |

Do you require customers to register before they are allowed to purchase through your website? Have you considered the consequences?

“Please” and “Thank You”

Written: 31-Aug-2008 |

Thank-you emails are not simply a way to confirm the customer’s order. They are a wonderful opportunity to grow your business. How? All you have to do is ask.

Web Page Testing, Easy & Free

Written: 3-Nov-2007 | Last modified: 01-March-2008

Testing pages to maximize conversions means you can make more money without increasing your traffic a bit. Google has recently rolled out a tool to make the task of testing easier — and it’s free. Wanna know more? Of course you do.

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