Website Design

Little Things Can Mean A Lot

Written: 1-Jul-2011 |

Making a seemingly minor change to your shopping cart can improve your conversions and sales much more than you might imagine. Here’s a true-life story showing how one tiny change made a huge difference.

Does This Sound Like Your Web Designer?

Written: 26-May-2009 |

Jill Whalen has a great list of 85 myths and misconceptions about search optimization, common among web designers and developers, which pretty much ensure SEOs will be in business for a long time to come.

Can “Good Enough” be Good Enough?

Written: 15-Oct-2007 | Last modified: 29-April-2008

Sometimes we all tend to get hung up on things that, well, just aren’t so important in the overall scheme of things. Is perfection really necessary, or is there such a thing as “good enough” design? Seth Godin thinks so, and so do I!

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