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The Myth of “Free” Search Results

Written: 10-Mar-2015 |

I wish people would stop referring to the organic search results as free. If you set out to deliberately optimize your site, you will have to invest something, either money or time (or both). Here’s what you need to know to increase the chances your investment will pay off.

It’s Ain’t All About Links Anymore

Written: 25-Sep-2014 |

In the wake of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, smart website owners realize they’ve got to do more than simple link-building if they want to do well in the search results.

Real Expert or Confidently Ignorant?

Written: 17-Feb-2014 |

A problem for any company trying to hire an SEO: hiring someone incompetent can have serious consequences for your website and your business. Sadly, many people interpret confidence as a sign of competence. But all too often, the individual is self-confident only because they are ignorant of just how incompetent they are.

Why “Good Rankings” is a Terrible Goal

Written: 3-Oct-2013 |

I hear all the time from webmasters and site owners who want to know how to improve their site to get better rankings. While I applaud their desire to improve their site, “getting better rankings” should never be a goal.

Three Steps to Successful SEO

Written: 5-Aug-2013 |

Real SEO is actually quite simple, but it takes a lot of hard work to do. That’s why a lot of people would rather hide behind complicated-sounding “formulas” and “reverse engineered algorithms” and “SEO toolboxes.” Because they think there must be some “secret sauce” that will bring success overnight with no effort required. They simply don’t want to believe that all it takes is good old-fashioned hard work to get the job done.

On Eggs, Baskets and SEO

Written: 26-Sep-2012 |

If the only thing you’re doing to generate traffic for your website is SEO, you’re doing it wrong. Search Engine Optimization alone is not sufficient to market a viable long-term business. Here’s why.

How To Recover From A Penguin Attack

Written: 24-May-2012 |

Was your site hit in the recent Penguin update? Did you survive this time, but you’re afraid you might get slapped down by some future algorithm change? This article gives you some pointers for how to “update proof” your website.

New Google Webmaster Academy

Written: 22-May-2012 |

Need some help figuring out how to optimize your site for search? Want to learn more about Google Places, or Google Webmaster Tools? Check out Google’s new Webmaster Academy!

It Can’t Be This Easy (Because It Really Isn’t)

Written: 30-Aug-2011 |

All too often, so-called SEO gurus don’t have much more experience than you do at optimizing sites. How can you tell the difference between somebody who knows what they’re doing and a simple poser?

Scammers, Spammers and Dumb Bunnies

Written: 24-Mar-2009 |

How can a webmaster with little knowledge of SEO know when an SEO company is trying to pull the wool over her eyes?

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