Three Steps to Successful SEO

11:44 am | Filed under: Search Optimization

Real SEO is actually quite simple, but it takes a lot of hard work to do. That’s why a lot of people would rather hide behind complicated-sounding “formulas” and “reverse engineered algorithms” and “SEO toolboxes.” Because they think there must be some “secret sauce” that will bring success overnight with no effort required. They simply don’t want to believe that all it takes is good old-fashioned hard work to get the job done.

Is Your Social Media Policy Up to Snuff?

10:25 am | Filed under: Social Media

Many corporate social media policies may unintentionally violate Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. Is yours one of them?

Future-Proof Your SEO

9:58 am | Filed under: Industry Buzz

In the wake of Google’s Panda, Penguin and recent Exact-Match-Domain updates, lots of webmasters and SEOs are questioning what tactics and techniques they can (and should) use now.

On Eggs, Baskets and SEO

12:29 pm | Filed under: Search Optimization

If the only thing you’re doing to generate traffic for your website is SEO, you’re doing it wrong. Search Engine Optimization alone is not sufficient to market a viable long-term business. Here’s why.

More Doesn’t Equal Better

2:45 pm | Filed under: Content & Copy

Some SEOs have decided longer articles are better for SEO. Truth is, BETTER articles are better for SEO (and for your human visitors). Here’s what you need to know about long copy, keyword density and “fresh content.”

Yet Another Reason to Play Fair

12:28 pm | Filed under: Content & Copy,Industry Buzz

Google recently announced they will potentially downgrade sites that are the target of a large number of copyright violation notices. What do you need to know to keep on the right side of copyright?

How To Recover From A Penguin Attack

3:08 pm | Filed under: Search Optimization

Was your site hit in the recent Penguin update? Did you survive this time, but you’re afraid you might get slapped down by some future algorithm change? This article gives you some pointers for how to “update proof” your website.

New Google Webmaster Academy

5:02 pm | Filed under: Industry Buzz,Search Optimization

Need some help figuring out how to optimize your site for search? Want to learn more about Google Places, or Google Webmaster Tools? Check out Google’s new Webmaster Academy!

The Importance of Proofreading

12:58 pm | Filed under: Conversions & Sales

You may think a few typos here and there don’t matter all that much in the overall scheme of things. You might be wrong.

It Can’t Be This Easy (Because It Really Isn’t)

10:00 am | Filed under: Search Optimization

All too often, so-called SEO gurus don’t have much more experience than you do at optimizing sites. How can you tell the difference between somebody who knows what they’re doing and a simple poser?

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