Little Things Can Mean A Lot

11:11 am | Filed under: Conversions & Sales,Website Design

Making a seemingly minor change to your shopping cart can improve your conversions and sales much more than you might imagine. Here’s a true-life story showing how one tiny change made a huge difference.

You Know What Annoys Me?

12:35 am | Filed under: Industry Buzz

For some reason, today this is even more annoying than usual: so-called SEO experts who clearly don’t understand the topic of Search Engine Optimization. Where can a newbie SEO or site owner go to find reliable information?

Is Less Always More? Good Question.

3:22 pm | Filed under: Content & Copy

Some designers and site owners believe it’s always better to keep web pages super-compact. Are they right? Or are they potentially losing sales to their wordier competitors? Is “less” always more?

Does This Sound Like Your Web Designer?

1:20 pm | Filed under: Website Design

Jill Whalen has a great list of 85 myths and misconceptions about search optimization, common among web designers and developers, which pretty much ensure SEOs will be in business for a long time to come.

Scammers, Spammers and Dumb Bunnies

4:14 pm | Filed under: Search Optimization

How can a webmaster with little knowledge of SEO know when an SEO company is trying to pull the wool over her eyes?

Lights, Camera, Action

3:51 pm | Filed under: Content & Copy

Tell your website visitors where to go and what to do. They’ll reward you for it… really!

Can Anyone Become an SEO Expert?

4:56 pm | Filed under: Search Optimization

On one of the forums I frequent, someone recently opined that “anyone can be an SEO expert.” So, is that true?

Plan to Succeed

1:55 am | Filed under: Online Marketing

Do you have a marketing plan? Do you know why you need one?

Required Registration: A Conversion Killer?

10:04 pm | Filed under: Conversions & Sales

Do you require customers to register before they are allowed to purchase through your website? Have you considered the consequences?

Questions About Link Building?

12:53 pm | Filed under: Link Building

Five industry experts offer their insights into good link building techniques. Find out what they think about internal navigation, linking out to other sites, and Google’s PageRank, among other topics.

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